Today I would like to share 11 reasons why I am not buying an Apple iPhone SE. It intrigued me when Apple announced the ‘affordable iphone’ iPhone SE and the $399 price tag (INR 26,000) was quite something which I never thought will come true. Truth to be told, no matter how silly it might seem, buying an iPhone is an bucketlist item for me. To put things in perspective, I am from India which is an ’emerging market’ for the cellphone giant Apple. It cost a fortune, couple of months salary, to buy something like iPhone.


When Apple announced the launch price for India, which was around INR 39,000, it hit me in the head. I decided to do a quick research on what am I really getting for that amount. Obviously the ‘cons’ outnumbered ‘pros’ in this case study and here I am with the 11 reasons on why I’m not buying an iPhone SE.

1. Price

According to the Apple site for India, the price for iPhone SE 16GB is 39,000 and for the 64GB its 49,000.Come on!! are you out of your mind Apple? If Apple has sole iPhone SE for the same rate they do in US then it would have been different story. You will be selling the devices like a hot dog. For comparison, Apple sells the same device for INR 26,000 in US market excluding taxes.

I just did a quick search on Google and find that even the Galaxy S6 Edge and Nexus 6P costs less than INR 40,000. I bet the S6 Edge is quite a beauty when compared to the quaint SE. So, better phones for this price range is available.

2. Small Screen

I don’t know about you but, I need bigger screens. I am currently having an Nexus 5 and I believe the 5’inch display is perfect for me. Nothing less nothing much. The SE comes with a Retina display but, what about the pixel density PPI. It is no way near to the Quad HD displays which is out there in the market more than a year now.

3. Design

In India, having an iPhone is a class and part of style. Well, more than 50% of the population thinks the same way making what I said right. Even in the metro city like Delhi, its the same case. The iPhone SE shares the same design as that of iPhone 5 &5S. Infact, the dimensions are so precise that your old iPhone cases will fit snugly. The only way you can differentiate the old 5S and SE is the Rose Gold color and its kind of girly.


4. Poor Front Camera

When the primary camera got the same 12MP snapper  and all the features from the elder brother iPhone 6S, it is obvious that Apple has to do the cost cutting. Resulting a poor front facing camera. It is the same 1.2MP camera like in iPhone 5S with 2.4 aperture. This is a blow for the selfie loving crowd. Also, the camera can only record 720P videos which is soo old school when compared to the 4K recording devices.

5. 16GB Base Model

Why 16GB? and why it cost 10K extra for 64GB variant. The base model should atleast be having 32GB internal storage considering the 12MP camera and 4K recording capability of the device. If you are planning to do anything more than texting, calling and installing few apps then there is no use of buying the 16GB variant.

6. No 3D Touch

Again, as part of the cost cutting, the iPhone SE doesn’t have the flagship feature ‘3D Touch’. Initially the crowd was hating the feature but, now they started loving and Apple releasing a new phone without that feature is a huge bummer.

7. LTE Chip

The iPhone SE comes with an older generation LTE chip. The download speeds are only 150mbits when compared to the 300mbits one in the 6S. Also this chip supports only 15 LTE bands limiting the international usage of the phone.

8. WiFi Chip

The same goes with the WiFi chip too. It is the old generation chip and it lacks support for new bands.

9. Touch ID

The touch ID is same one as you see in the iPhone 5S and its the first generation touch ID. Well, what is the difference? The fingerprint reading is quite slow and less accurate.

10. Barometer

The device doesn’t have the latest sensor, barometer, which practically makes the device not to detect the altitudes, temperature etc. This also means the Health and Fitness apps by apple will be getting any reading and thus making it quite useless.

11. Durability

Finally, the durability. I am not going to take you back to the ‘bend gate’ thing. Well, the device is same build as that of 5 and 5S but, it lacks the latest aluminium 7000 series body. Also, there is Dual Ion Exchange glass like in 6S.


Now, out of this 11, the important pros are; of course the price. The iPhone SE is not a ‘value for money’ device. The redundancy in design makes the public quite ambiguous about what version of iPhone you are using (Indian market lolz). Small display, memory and poor front facing camera.