Today I am doing a theme review on Kalium WordPress theme. During my 5+ years of blogging, I have see more than thousands of wordpress themes and in that only few caught my attention. Well, Kalium is definitely one among them in fact, it is one of the best wordpress theme I have ever used. As you can see, my current theme is Kalium and I am also using the same for my personal blog  I remember I was on a theme hunt for my personal blog and I came across Kalium in themeforest, one among the top rated theme. Truth to be told, I didn’t actually liked the theme until I selected the ‘blog template’ in the demo.

Kalium is awarded for both design and quality, by the most popular sites which includes AWWWARDS, ProductHunt, CSSReel, CSSWinner and it is an nominee in CSSDesignAwards. Like the tagline goes, it indeed is a ‘creative theme for professionals’. If you go to the Kalium WordPress theme official website, they have a well organized display of templates and more than 100+ layouts demos. The best part is by a single purchase you will be able to use all this templates depending upon your requirement. Since I am into blogging and also it being one of the top theme category I am going to do the review centered around the same.

Kalium WordPress Theme – Blog Template

The blog template is the one I fell for and it is perfect for use case. In blog template you can customize the home page in 6 ways.


I am currently using the ‘Blog-Masonry’ layout which I guess is inspired from Google Material Design Cards. The animation effect when you hover over the cards is also great. Also, if required, you can change the effect or completely turn it off. Unlike other themes which offers primary and secondary menu positions, Kalium is one step ahead of its competitors. It offers 6 menu types;


You can have ‘Sliding Top Menu’, which actually suits best for business sites. Then of course the ‘Side Menu’, then the ‘Horizontal and Vertical Full Screen Menus’ which really is hot theme layout in the market. Well, if you want to go for the simple one you have the ‘Classic Menu’ too. I am using the ‘Hamburger Menu’, adding more Google touch and feel to the site.

Now, this is the most important part of the theme. How the single pages can be customized. Honestly, the layout demo just blown me away in awe. Its something really good for both personal and technology blog. There are 8 different layout options available when it comes to the blog post page.



I am using the ‘Full Size Image’ layout. It is something I always wanted my site to be look like. You can select formats like Standard – which is the one I am using, Video – then the image area can be replaced by a self hosted video or from YouTube or Vimeo, Quote – you can highlight a quote in your post in the image area, Image – post with image, Link – you can add a link to some of the product in your post or if you are writing the sponsored post you can place a direct link to the product page, Gallery – here you can have a slider where you can show case some good images, Audio – you can add an audio.

Once you have installed the theme you will find its very easy to customize the site. The theme also comes with demo content if you want to test it locally or do some theme customization by yourself. There is also option for turning on the ‘maintenance mode’ or ‘coming soon’ mode. The theme options page will look somewhat like this;


All the options are easy to understand and its pretty straight forward. However, I did contacted the blog support team for one or two customization. Talking about the tech support, the folks at Laborator are really helpful and always responsive to emails. Another best feature is the wide list fonts under the typography tab, I am using ‘Oxygen’ for my sites. You can also use your own custom font if required. Under the ‘Custom CSS’ section, you can write custom CSS codes and override the theme settings.


I have changed the font color, font weight, size. That means you don’t have to go to styles.css and find the right code to edit and make changes. You can just override it using the keyword ‘!important’ placing after what you want to change.

Kalium Theme Download and Pricing

This is a paid theme and you can download the theme only after you purchase it from themeforest. At just $59 this is one of the best ‘value for money’ theme in all of the listing. As part of standard purchase you will get a 6 month support from Laborator and also , optional, you can extend the support upto 12 months by paying extra $17.70.