WhatApp released WhatsApp Desktop App for Widows and Mac users. Now you can access chat and stay in touch with anyone anytime anywhere through phone or computer at home or work. The new app is available for Windows 8+ and Mac OS 10.9+ users as of now. But, I was able to install it on my Windows 7 laptop without any trouble. Of course it doesn’t have the look and feel which you get while opening apps in Windows 8 but it works in Win 7 too.


I have been using the WhatsApp Web for a while now and I pretty much like it. The WhatsApp Desktop app is no different than the web version. They have added more keyboard shortcuts to make your chats even easier. For me it is sort of an escape from consecutive peeps at my phone and offers a distraction free work environment. My phone battery drains so quickly that it is almost like a land phone which always connected to the charger cable. This app comes pretty handy in this situations. WhatsApp is a place where all sorts of conversations take place, whether it a official or casual. The experts in my technology, Oracle Policy Automation, has even created a WhatsApp group to help each other.

I have downloaded the desktop WhatsApp from the download center . The setup file for the Windows is 61.5MB. Yes, its quite big for such a small application which serves the same functions you saw on Web version. For those who are new, WhatsApp for Desktop requires WhatsApp to be installed in your phone and should have an active internet connection. You need to add your device by firing up the app in your phone, select ‘WhatsApp Web’ from options, click on the ‘+’ icon and scan the QR code displayed in your PC. You are ready to go. Happy Chatting.